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Statistics Your Kids Will Thank You For

What a load of trash – all diverted from our landfills!

Since 2010 we at Gemaco have been patting ourselves and our ecopartners on the back for a job well done, but when we sat back and looked at the numbers we began to realize how significant the impact of one small team of passionate individuals can do.

Have a look at these numbers and if you get shivers like I did, leave us a comment:

2011 2010
3104 loads 1225 loads
7466 Tonnes 3393.70 T
Averages: Averages:
Trucks per day: 11.75 Trucks per day: 5
Tons per day: 28.28 Tons per day: 13.7
Tons per week: 143.57 Tons per week: 66.5
Tons per month: 622.16 Tons per month: 283.0
Metal recycled: 78.23 T Metal recycled: 37.59 T
Wood recycled: 259.33 T Wood recycled: 80.83 T
Plastic bottles saved from landfill: 4906 Plastic bottles saved from landfill: 1426
Tons used in roads: 6516 T Tons used in roads: 1152.16
Tons used for fuel: 803 T Tons used for fuel: 131.94
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