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Green New Years Resolutions

As January is winding down, the time has come for me to finalize my New Years resolutions. This year I wanted to focus on making my environmentally conscious and sustainable resolutions matter on a local scale. In light of that, here is how I am going to decrease the size of my footprint in 2013:

Backyard gardening composting

1)   Office Composting:

When I became aware of the amount of food that is wasted and thrown into landfills each year I was appalled! I am that person who goes to the ‘discount produce’ section and gets the best deals on food about to be thrown away. So I decided to be responsible for the composting system in our office. I committed to take the compost home every week so we can cut down on our office trash. And, BONUS, it helps with my next resolution. For more info on our food wasting issues:

2)   Back Yard Gardening:

In light of the fact that we throw out a large portion of the food be buy because it rots, I figure if I pick food right out of my garden it wont have a chance to rot before I get to use it. Because I don’t have a lot of time or space (or knowledge for that matter) I am choosing to focus on growing food items that take up little space, provide high yields, and are the very easy to grow.  Some of the things I am growing this year include chard, spinach, kale, radish and tomatoes. My favourite backyard gardening resource is this book:

3)   Volunteer at Farms/Markets:

As I try to gain more knowledge of local green living I will be volunteering at various farms and farm markets this year. In the past I have volunteered at my favourite markets Moss Street Market: and Victoria Downtown Market: but this year I plan to get my hands dirty and volunteer at some of the local farms to get some real gardening knowledge from other members of my community.

I feel like these 3 resolutions will give me a good balance between incorporating daily sustainable changes to all three pillars of my life: Work, Home, and Community.

What are your green resolutions for 2013?

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