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How it all Began: The Story of Gemaco

Gemaco Asphalt shingle recycling

In 1958 the company ‘Gemaco’ was born from the idea ‘Gem of A Company’. The original owner Garnet Marx, started by selling silos and other farm equipment to municipalities and eventually became the first Mercedes Benz dealer in Kelowna.

Gemaco eventually evolved to focus on selling and reusing waste reduction and heavy duty machinery.   

One lazy Okanagan long weekend, a family of professionals and entrepreneurs open to the possibility of owing a business and working together sat on a patio chatting about wanting to take their lives in a different direction. The discussion revolved around potentially buying ‘Gemaco’ a local business that was sale. Terry had been running family businesses his whole life and was tired of the daily grind. 

About a month later, in Sept 2007, Gemaco was purchased by a team of passionate and driven individuals.  

They knew right away they would have to offer something more. Terry began learning about the various equipment Gemaco offered and was drawn to the Rotochopper RG1 Shingle Grinder.  The team attended the 4th Annual Shingle Grinding Forum in 2009 and re-affirmed their  decision to branch out into an asphalt shingle recycling company.

Hilary came on board working in the company, January 2010, and in February 2010 the first solely dedicated shingle recycling facility in the lower mainland was opened.

 It has been a perfect storm for Terry Charles who states “I am finally in no rush to retire. I’m inspired and enjoying work. Every day I get to do what I love: talking to people, business development, inventing or rather reinventing and spending priceless time with family all while making the world a little bit greener”.Gemaco Asphalt Shingle Recycling

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