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Oil Extraction from Recycled Roofing Shingles’s Rick LeBlanc is continually posting fantastic articles about recycling in BC and North America. If BC is your home and recycling is important to you (as it should be) you should be following Rick’s articles. Gemaco has been lucky enough to be featured a few times on the site. Below is an excerpt about oil extraction from recycled shingles:

“Asphalt shingle recycling is a growing segment of the industry, and has enjoyed several markets for recycled asphalt shingles, especially for road work . However, the emergence of other new markets should help boost demand and improve prospects for recycling the approximate 11 million tons of scrap asphalt shingle material developed each year in the U.S.”

To read more of this article click here

Now, if BC is your home and you still believe recycling is not worth your time please take a moment and read about the importance of recycling. Do it for your children, and your children’s’ children, and their children…


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